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Each year we organize 5 Exchange Tours and an International Week with partner universities all over the world. Although the destinations of our tours may be far apart, the structure of all trips is the same.


The program of each tour includes everything from company visits to cultural experiences of the respective countries. Our goal is to offer a varied program in order to discover a new or your own culture with other students.


Each project includes a maximum of 40 participants, half from HSG and half from the partner university.
*Except International Week


Each tour consists of a 7- 10-day intensive program in each of the two countries, totaling to more than 400 hours of shared experiences.
*Excludes MiniTrips and International Week


One part of the program is financed by a participation fee, while the other part of the program is supported by our sponsors.


Are you interested in exploring different countries and cultures from the perspective of local students?

Then come and join us on our next tour!

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