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Asian Culture Transfer (ACT)


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In a complex environment for relations between Europe and Asia, Asian Culture Transfer (ACT) aims to promote mutual respect as well as fruitful dialogue between Asian and Swiss students. The core concept of ACT is that twenty students from each of the two participating universities spend ten days in the two countries to explore and discover their economic, political, environmental and cultural characteristics and differences. The program includes sightseeing, company visits and university lectures, as well as other cultural activities typical of the country. In this way, participants not only develop a basic understanding of the structure and culture of the two countries, but can also learn from each other and form lasting friendships.

China Trip

Beginning of August 2024


Peking University


End of July 2024


900 CHF




Without the support of our great partners, our projects would not be possible.
We are immensely grateful for your generous and continuous support!

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B&I Capital is a Zurich based asset management company founded in 2007. B&I Capital also operates an office in Singapore. The company holds a Capital Market License for Singapore and is a FINMA recognized asset manager.


Nidec Motor Corporation is a leading manufacturer of motors and controls for commercial, industrial and home appliances. The company has a passion for developing solutions for everything that turns and moves - and that enthusiasm shows in every product it makes. You can rely on Nidec motors and controls to power your processes with peak performance and long-lasting reliability.


The EMS Group is active worldwide in the business areas of High Performance Polymers and Specialty Chemicals.
EMS has 25 production sites in 16 different countries and is represented worldwide by its own sales companies or through distributors/agents.
As of December 2021, the EMS Group had 2,646 employees and employed around 134 apprentices in Switzerland.


Chocolate makes you happy. But how does happiness get into chocolate? Come along on the sweet journey, enjoy the unique insight into the production of Munz and Minor and uncover the secret. Immerse yourself in the world of chocolate and experience an interactive factory tour. The Chocolarium - the chocolate factory of happiness - awaits you.

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INFICON is a leading provider of innovative measurement technology, sensor technology for critical processes and advanced process control software to increase the productivity and quality of demanding vacuum processes in highly specialized industries.

Our patrons support our projects with their experience and network.
Their help is of great value to us and we are very grateful for their commitment!

Prof. Dr. Maximilian von Zedtwitz

Prof. Dr. Maximilian von Zedtwitz is Professor of Innovation and International Business. His teaching focuses on R&D Management, International Management and Developing Countries.

Prof. Dr. Stefan Morkötter

Prof. Dr. Stefan Morkötter is Professor of Finance and Managing Director of the St. Gallen Institute of Management in Asia. His teaching focuses on banking, credit risk, financial intermediation, private equity and family offices.


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