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The Ressort International (RI) is an initiative by the Student Union of the University of St.Gallen that aims to provide a platform for international encounters of students from all over the world and to foster students’ cultural competencies. Committed to the idea of intercultural communication and exchange as a means of improving mutual respect and understanding, the RI runs various projects which enable students to travel abroad and to meet people from diverse cultural backgrounds. The projects are designed to equip all participants with a backpack of experiences which inspire tolerance and open-mindedness in their future actions.

Executive committee 2017/18

Committed to bringing the RI to the next level!

Anna-Carina Hamker


Jann Schwaninger

Vice-President & Head of Finance

Laurin BrĂ¼niger

Head of Marketing

Olivia Aeberli

President-elect 2018/19

Ines Morales

Vice President-elect 2018/19

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