Exchange Tours

Our Exchange Tours

Each year we organize 5 exchange tours with partner universities in different continents. While the destinations are far apart, the setup of all tours is alike.

Unfortunately, the five RI tours for 2021 had to be cancelled due to Covid-19. However, we are organising an alternative program! Click here to get more info and click here to sign up until May 23, 2021. Space is limited; we will get back to you after the deadline has passed and let you know how we proceed.


The program of each tour consists of a mix of lectures, workshops, company visits and events relating to the politics, economics and culture of the respective country.


Each tour consists of a 8 to 10-day intense program in each of the two countries, amounting to more than 400 hours of shared experiences in total.


In each of the two countries, four students are in charge of organizing the tour and each of the organizing universities, 16-20 students participate per tour. Thus. the total number of participants equals to 32 – 40 students.


Part of the tour is covered by a participation fee while most of the program is sponsored by the tour's partners.