IW Istanbul: 11th – 19th September 2022

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IW Istanbul: 11th – 19th September 2022

Next up is the International Week Istanbul🇹🇷! IW Istanbul 2022 participants will have the chance to experience the 5 senses of Istanbul through visiting many places, enjoying the best parties 🍺🎉and strolling through the Istanbul streets which connect two continents, Asia and Europe! 🗺️ There is a participation fee of 55 Euros. 💶

The International Week is a multilateral exchange program with partner universities in Europe and Asia, whereby one university at a time invites a group of students to their respective country. The Ressort International can send 1-2 HSG students to each destination.

Duration: 11th – 19th September 2022
Application Deadline: 9th July 2022