Magellan 2019 will travel to Santiago, Chile!

Dates of the Swiss Trip: 30 March – 8 April 2019

Dates of the trip to South America: 22–31 July 2019

Magellan is a bilateral exchange program which aims to foster intercultural understanding and intercontinental friendships between students from the University of St. Gallen, and an annually changing partner university in Latin America. Since 2003 it has enabled hundreds of students to participate in the exchange with countries such as Peru, Chile, Colombia, Brazil, and Argentina. In doing so, it has stood true to the explorer spirit of its patron – the Portuguese sailor Fernão de Magalhães: Each year, the project offers a total of 40 open-minded students from both participating universities the opportunity to explore their partner country, and to get to know its culture and its peculiarities. The program is split into two 10-day parts and consists of a wide range of different events.

The Project

Applications is open until 26 November 2018

Next Destination

Magellan 2019 will travel to Santiago, Chile! The Swiss Trip will take place during the Spring break from 30 March – 8 April, and the journey to South America 22–31 July 2019.


The program includes lectures, workshops, city tours, and company visits in both countries. In the last years activities in Switzerland included visits to the UN and the parliament building, a trip to the Jungfraujoch, visits to cheese and chocolate factories, as well as workshops with companies such as Blaser Swisslube, Baloise and Strategy&.

Duration & Costs

The project involves a 10 day program in Switzerland as well as a 10 day part in Latin America (plus an optional privately organized pre- or post-trip). The price of Magellan 2019 will be approx CHF 1’500.- and includes everything in both countries (e.g. the flight, the accommodation, the food, all entry fees, the transport etc.).

The Magellan team 2018/19

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Alina Güttinger


Alina Lansel


Marc Bodenmann

Swiss Trip

Jannick Tongmool

Student Relations & Marketing

The RI

We are engaged on and off campus throughout the year

what’s in it for you

As a Magellan team member you will help to organize an unforgettable exchange project in Latin America and can participate in it at a reduced price rate (if the project doesn´t make losses). You will work in a highly motivated team, make new friends from all over the world and have a lot of fun. You can also get up to 4 campus credits for your engagement.

who we are looking for

To become a Magellan team member you should be in St. Gallen for at least one more year and have some time besides your studies. You should also bring a decent level of English skills and travelling experience and of course loads of motivation and energy!

how it works

Should you decide that this is the right thing for you and you are the right person for the team, please apply through the online form below with your motivation letter and CV. After the application deadline we will invite you for a short informal interview to get to know you better.

Patrons Magellan

Assisting the RI with valuable insights

Prof. Dr. Yvette Sanchez

As the Director of the Centro Latinoamericano-Suizo, Prof. Dr. Yvette Sanchez possesses excellent contacts all over Latin America, which she uses to support the Magellan team in organizing their exchanges.

Prof. Dr. Markus Schwaninger

Prof. Dr. Markus Schwaninger teaches Business Studies with a focus on System-Oriented Management and provides the Magellan team with his inside knowledge and experience of Latin America.

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