The BuddySystem’s aim is to integrate and involve each semester’s exchange students at the University of St. Gallen as quickly as possible. We organize several social events for the exchange students so they get to know each other and the local students. Besides social contacts the key aspect of the BuddySystem is providing the exchange students with advice and help when adapting to life in Switzerland. We therefore offer the opportunity for exchange students to sign up for our newsletter and also be assigned to a “Buddy”, a local student that offers his or her help getting used to the university’s requirements, the city and the people. Great friendships can develop that way and we enjoy meeting new exchange students from all over the world each semester.

For questions contact us at: buddysystem@shsg.ch


Buddy matching

We offer each incoming exchange student a personal ”buddy”, a local student who will be your first contact person for any questions you may have about the city, the university or any other aspect of life in St. Gallen


We organize various social events such as our legendary fondue nights, an international dinner, pub crawls, skiing weekends and city trips during the orientation week and throughout the entire semester, where you can get to know your fellow exchangees as well as local students.

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Language Tandem

The Tandem program brings local and exchange students together to improve their language skills. A student teaches you his/her native language and in exchange you teach him/her yours. You decide when, where and how often you meet!

The BuddySystem team 2017/18

Nicolas Knop



Florence Münch



Samuel Schweizer

Marketing & Communications


Simon Müller


Johanna Cordes

Buddy Matching


Lara Sluga





Leandro Ruggiero

Nightlife Relations


Basil Hofstetter

Nightlife Relations

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The BuddySystem offers to bring local and exchange students together to improve their language skills. A student teaches you his/her native language and in exchange you teach him/her yours. You decide when, where and how often you meet! If you would like to participate in the Tandem program in the autumn semester 2017, please fill in our registration form until September 30th. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee everybody a Tandem partner as it depends on enough people with opposite language skills and interests signing up.

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The signup for the fall semester 2017 is open until 20th August.

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