IW Tel Aviv: 12-19 Aug

15. April 2018GeneralInternational Week


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Tel Aviv International Week is being held in Israel’s most cosmopolitan, sizzling and happening town.

The IW hosts 20 international participants for a week full of local activities and cultural experiences. Israeli students from Tel Aviv University take part in hosting the participants in their homes and by organizing exciting events during the week. The Tel Aviv IW gives participants the opportunity to explore highlights of Israel by traveling all over the country. Israel is known as ‘Start Up Nation’ and participants will be exposed to this process here. They will also learn about the economic environment in Israel and the way business is done here by visiting local companies and hearing some experts speak.

Highlights Included:

  • Jaffa walking tour
  • A trip to Haifa and old Acre
  • Overnight stay in a Kibbutz
  • Hike in the Golan Heights
  • Tel Aviv Pub Race
  • Entrepreneurship Day
  • A float in the Dead Sea
  • Camel Trip in the Negev Desert
  • Overnight in a Bedouin Camp
  • Walking Tour of Jerusalem
  • Tel Aviv parties
  • Eating Hummus and Falafel
  • And so much more!!!

    Here’s the best thing: The whole tour is for FREE! You only need to cover your flights. Once you have registered through this website, we will get in touch with you via email as we can only select 1-2 HSG students.

    Duration: 12-19 August 2018  

    Application Deadline: 10 May 2018