IW Indonesia: 5-18 Aug

8. May 2018GeneralInternational Week


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Indonesia International Week (IIW) is one of the annual events held by the Indonesian Students Association for International Studies (ISAFIS). They annually invite 20 participants from various countries to learn about Indonesia holistically – including society, politics, economics, nature, culture, and much more. Indonesia IW will definitely give you an opportunity to expand your network and enhance the knowledge while having an unforgettable summertime in Indonesia.

Participants will get to see the beauty of Indonesia in many aspects. You will explore four big cities in Indonesia, namely Jakarta, Bandung, Jogjakarta, and Bali. Enjoy the vibrant and most productive capital of Indonesia, Jakarta. Also, take a step back to see the historical Pasundan Land, Bandung. Plus, experience the atmosphere of local heritage in Jogjakarta. And, last but not least, having your best summer experience in The Land of Paradise, Bali.

Highlights Included:

  • Exploration of four big cities in Indonesia
  • Living like a local by staying with an Indonesian family
  • Seeing how the Indonesian government works
  • Visiting Indonesia’s leading companies
  • Tasting authentic Indonesian food
  • Visiting the historical and phenomenal attractions, such as Borobodur (World’s biggest Buddhist Temple, all made by hand!)
  • Discovering the beauty of Indonesian beaches
  • Getting tanned
  • Experiencing the Independence Day with locals! Indonesia IW will make you never forget about Indonesia
  • And so much more!!!

    Here’s the best thing: The whole tour is for FREE! You only need to cover your flights. Once you have registered through this website, we will get in touch with you via email as we can only select 1-2 HSG students.

    Duration: 5-18 August 2018  

    Application Deadline: 20 May 2018