IW Exeter

10. December 2016GeneralInternational Week

Welcome to the IW Exeter!

The IW Exeter is organised by students from the University of Exeter that are excited to show the South-West of England as well as the University. The week is for 15-20 participants that want to be a part of this adventure and get a glimpse of the English Culture and traditions. The participants will be experiencing the countryside of Devon, the traditional ‘Cream Tea’ as well as a visit to the Exeter Cathedral. They will also have the chance to get a taste of the Exeter University life as all the hosts will be students. JK Rowling, author of the world famous Harry Potter books is an alumni of the University of Exeter. Many of the places in the book were inspired by the city and university of Exeter, such as ‘Diagon Alley’ and ‘The Leaky Cauldron’ which are believed to have been based on landmarks and buildings in Exeter. You will get the chance to see all of these during your week! This is a fantastic opportunity for you to experience one of the most beautiful and traditional cities in England.

Highlights Included
  • English “Cream Tea”
  • Trip to the countryside of Devon
  • Traditional English Folk Dancing Evening
  • Local Company Visits
  • International Dinner
  • Cathedral Visit
    Duration: March 24th – 31st

    Application Deadline: December 21st