IW Beijing

20. June 2016International Week

Welcome to the IW Beijing!

The IW Beijing 2016 consists of 11 participants from seven different countries and 9 organizers from Peking University. Since most students in PKU do not live in Beijing, there are no hosts and all the participants will live in a hotel during IW Beijng. All the activities will take place in the city and suburb of Beijing. The aim of our IW is to provide an opportunity for participants to get to know China’s culture, history, politics, economics, education etc, and to experience a real Chinese life, to see the beautiful scenery and to make friends from different countries.


  • Visit to Great Wall and the Forbidden City
  • National Museum
  • 798 art zone
  • Trip to the suburb of Beijing to climb Mutianyu Great Wall
  • Visit an ancient temple namely Hongluo and appreciate the beautiful scenery of Qinglong Valley
  • Tian’anmen Square
  • Olympic Center
  • Visit Peking university
  • A famous company about electronics
  • During this week, participants can see an ancient Beijing, a modern Beijing, a multi-cultural Beijing and a real Beijing!
  • If you are having problems with the application submission, please send your CV & application to internationalweek@myunisg.ch! Thanks!
Duration: September 2nd-8th

Application Deadline: June 28th